Ten years ago, Acumatica joined the fray as a new option for growing companies in need of true cloud enterprise resource planning software. Launched by veterans of the software industry, the company was built on relationships and innovation. With a 100% channel sales business model, Acumatica has been able to focus on improving their product offering, committing nearly three-quarters of its staff to research and development.

With Acumatica focused on the innovations, a network of carefully selected and well trained value added resellers like Axiology are the ones to customize and implement the product. The results over the past decade were nothing short of astonishing—Acumatica added its 5,000th customer in 2018 and continues to rake in the awards and recognitions.

Following their annual user and partner conference earlier this month, Acumatica Summit 2019, Nucleus Research had some choice words about the company’s growth and prospects as they continue to grow and innovate the ERP software market.

New Report from Nucleus: Acumatica Shows No Signs of Slowing

In a recent research note from Nucleus Research, analyst Seth Lippincott looked at the past, present, and future of Acumatica, one of the fastest-growing cloud ERP products in the market. The report, available for download here, praised Acumatica for its progress over the years and ability to deliver for customers. From the report:

“After surpassing the 5,000-customer mark in 2018, the vendor demonstrated the steps it is taking to continue its momentum and bring further enhancements to the product. Usability continues to be a focus for Acumatica, striving to make its software accessible to small and medium-sized businesses while offering scalability to answer the needs of larger organizations.

Although further expansions of the partner ecosystem are promising for customers that are looking for flexibility and additional functionality, ensuring the quality and competence of its reseller community will be a challenge for the vendor moving forward.”

Collaborate, Innovate, Accelerate: Acumatica Growing Fast

5,000 customers in a decade, 1,200 new customers in 2018; Acumatica is hitting its stride as it adds new partners, ISVS and of course, customers. Even as they grow, they continue to focus on what matters most to their customers—usability, scalability, and innovation.

Lippincott on Acumatica’s enhancements and innovations:

“Central to Acumatica’s value proposition, ease of use continued to be a key driver of capabilities included with 2019 R1 Release.

On the reporting and business intelligence front, Acumatica highlighted how it is making it easy for customers to leverage services like Power BI and Tableau directly or through its ISV community.

The vendor also discussed the initial deployments of artificial intelligence/machine learning that it is shipping with the latest release of the software. Focused on improving the accuracy of help queries, the technology uses natural language processing (NLP) to deliver the system’s best guess of what is responsive to the user’s inquiry combined with a feedback loop to learn if the results answered the user’s issue.”

The entire report, titled Acumatica Shows No Signs of Slowing, goes into much more detail on the company’s path to where they are today, offering a look at customer insights and reactions, and providing a solid view of where this analyst firm feels Acumatica is heading. We invite you to download the report here.

Advance with Axiology

One of the most innovative ERP options in the market, Acumatica is sold only through a network of carefully selected value added resellers (VARs), who get to know your business inside and out, customizing a solution and delivering it in a way that creates value for your company.

At Axiology, we are relentlessly focused on creating wealth for our customers and minimizing risk in technology projects. To that end, the results of every project are focused on obtaining the most accurate information you need to run your business. We invite you to learn more about our work and contact us for a free consultation.


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